Buddha's Last Words Versus Jesus's

Buddha’s Last Words Versus Jesus’s

The last words someone says are contain the upmost significance. These words carry weight. What were Buddha’s last words and how do they compare to Jesus’s?


Last Words Carry Significance

Someone’s last words are probably the most profound thing they will ever speak. When looking death square in the face, when time is no longer a luxury, these words are uttered. These last words are so important to the individual that they are squeezed out with only seconds left on this earth.

Needless to say, last words are of the upmost importance and carry serious weight for the individual. The person decides to use up their last remaining breaths to convey a message because it is that significant.

Hence, it is safe to assume that these words are an indication of the individuals deepest and truest beliefs. They are the most lucid view into their soul; unfiltered and unabashed. Their deepest rooted beliefs come to light. Because of this, it would would be a valuable excersice to compare Buddha’s last words to Christ’s.


Buddha’s Last Words Versus Jesus’s

Now let us compare and contrast the two different sets of last words first starting with Buddha.

Buddha’s death was recorded around 483 BCE according to most historians. According to Last Days of the Buddha, Vajira and Story, 1998, Buddha’s last words were:


Behold, O monks, this is my advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.


I think there are a few conclusions you can draw from Buddha’s final words, but we will save that for the conclusion of the article. Next we will move on to Jesus’s last words while he was on the cross. As we read in John 19:28-30, the last words of Jesus were as follows:


It is finished.




When we compare these two final statements, a few things become clear. Buddha’s last words did not offer any closure of any kind. There was no clear and concise conclusion reach when he uttered his last words. Apart from “All component things in the world are changeable”, Buddha offers nothing else to his devoted followers.

Jesus’s last words on the other hand were concise and conclusory. Christ already knew the truth. He WAS the truth. He gave his followers a pithy response. You don’t need to search any longer. There is no additional work needed. Salvation had been taken care of after those last words were proclaimed.

As Christians, what profound peace these three words bring us. Thank the Lord it is finished.

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