Jesus Christ Allegory: We Live in a Computer Program

Jesus Christ Allegory: We Live in a Computer Program

Jesus Christ is one of the most notable figures in history. However, many people still do no actually KNOW or understand his purpose on earth. While Christians know Jesus and his sacrifice for all of humanity, others may not see the whole picture. Perhaps a Jesus Christ allegory could help those who don’t believe to understand. Let’s imagine we live in a computer program and Jesus Christ is the antivirus.

We Live in a Computer Program

If you believe in an afterlife, or conscious existence beyond this world, then it is not too far fetched to imagine this Jesus Christ allegory that involves us in a computer program. In fact, a few scientists have speculated this and believe the “Simulation hypothesis“, that we could be living in a type of simulation.

If there is a transcendent reality beyond this world, then we could make the claim that we are living in a simulation; or a reality less “real” than it’s metaphysical counterpart. As if we are seeing the ultimate and true reality through a physical filter, prohibiting us from observing the spiritual world.

The definition of simulation is:

imitation of a situation or process.

So if there is a higher realm of reality, perhaps we find ourselves in the imitation version; the lower reality based on the ultimate and true one. And maybe we will find this simulation of the lower reality operates and functions like that of a computer program. Perhaps this Jesus Christ allegory is not such a stretch of the imagination…

Parameters of Reality

Perhaps this world that we find ourselves in is more like a computer program than we realize. Our “reality” is governed by physical laws and rules, much like a program or function is. These rules hold our universe in place and determine what is possible and what is not.

There are certain parameters or rules like the universal constants of the universe, which dictate how our world behaves. It is almost as if there was an intelligent being writing a hyper-complex function which built and maintains the universe. A programmer inputting highly specific parameters of a finely tuned universe, which if altered in the slightest degree would lead to nonexistence. And if we look at the statistically improbability of a Godless universe, we discover how complex and intelligent our world truly is.

Jesus Christ Allegory: Code Programming

DNA Programming Language

So on the macro level, our universe is comprised of certain rules or guidelines much like parameters in a computer program. Additionally, if we dig deeper on a micro level, we discover another highly sophisticated programming language woven into the very fabric of life – DNA.

DNA is one of the most compelling parallels of a computer program.

DNA is the fundamental building block of our universe and every living organism within. It is literally the source code which programs every single individual cell, organism, animal, plant & human life in this world.

Not only that, but DNA is extremely complex. If we compare it to Google’s most complex search algorithm, DNA would make that code look novice. It is the most intricate coding language ever observed, and it just so happens to be the building block of all organic matter. The more we look at the complexity of our universe, the more this Jesus Christ allegory comes to life.

Jesus Christ Allegory: The Corrupted Computer Program

After analyzing some of our universe’s characteristics, this Jesus Christ allegory will really come to life.

Our earth, our world inside our universe, inside of the multiverse, everything physical thing there is, is one giant computer program. The developer took many precautions and meticulously programmed the world without any bugs or glitches. The perfect software (reality/life).

However, this hypothetical web-based software would be compromised. Once the user (mankind) installs the program, he has the liberty to use it anyway he desires. He can either use his agency to use the software properly as intended, or improperly and against the Master Programmer’s (God’s) design.

Unfortunately, he uses the software improperly, making the program vulnerable to viruses (sin). This slip up causes the computer program to be exposed to a virus. After this virus gets in, it begins to multiply and spread like a disease. It eventually corrupts the entire program.

There is nothing the user can do at this point.

The software is now unsalvageable, and it is now destined to crash. There is nothing the user can ever do to recover the program.

The Antivirus Patch

Eventually, the Master Programmer sees this problem affecting all of the users. That one exposure to the system infected the Master Programmer’s source files and updated all of the users’ code with the malicious files. He had to do something to save his program.

The Master Programmer eventually updates the source code with an antivirus patch (Jesus Christ). This patch would salvage all of the code for each and every single user. This was a free update for all of the users.

However, the only thing required of the users was to accept the free patch update. By simply accepting the patch, the users software would be scrubbed clean of the viruses. Now the user would be able to use the software forever.

Even though the users infected the perfect software on their own, the Master Programmer went to their aid. He gave them a free patch which required no work or effort on their part.

The only thing the user had to do was accept the antivirus update.

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