Near Death Experience - 10 common NDE testimonies

Do Near Death Experiences Prove Afterlife? 12 Common NDE Testimonies

What are near death experiences and why are they so common? Are NDE testimonies evidence of the afterlife? Perhaps the correlations substantiate the claims.



“Near Death Experiences”, also known as NDE testimonies, are a reoccurring phenomenon throughout the entire world. A NDE occurs when someone is either on the brink of death or actually clinically dies. What transpires next is an experience out of this world. An experience which transcends space and time, and challenges the subject’s deepest fundamental beliefs on reality. These events are recorded nearly every day in ambulances and hospitals across the world.


A “Near Death Experience” is defined by Wikipedia as:


personal experience associated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light.


According to a 1992 Gallup poll cited by the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, 5% (13 million) of Americans had experienced a NDE. In the same poll, there is a recorded 774 NDE per day.


These are significant figures which show a proliferation of NDE testimonies. But are these testimonies valid? Are these truly supernatural experiences or just vivid hallucinations?


The compelling aspect of this is not merely the phenomenon itself. What’s really intriguing is the fact that most of these NDE testimonies seem to correlate and correspond with one another. The similar nature of the details given almost seem to corroborate or validate the testimonies themselves.


Here are the 12 most common details given from a myriad of subjects in their NDE testimonies.


1) An “out-of-body” experience

Perhaps one of the most common details given is an “out-of-body” experience. This occurs when the subject retains consciousness while outside (usually above) their body. Subjects on hospital beds have recollected certain details about the room, conversations and even tools used by the doctors. Details which the subject would have no way of knowing considering their condition and conscious state.


These testimonies are powerful when deducing whether the NDE was a hallucination or in fact supernatural.


2) NDE testimonies are either very positive or very negative

In all NDE testimonies, subjects will record either an extremely positive or negative experience. These positive experiences usually have attributes which mirror the archetype of what we call “Heaven”. The negative experiences usually parallel the concept we have of “Hell”. In the positive experiences, the user usually experiences light, love, warmth, connection, peace, etc. However in the negative experiences he or she experiences darkness, cold, disconnection, and torment.


It seems as though the duality of these two types of NDE testimonies almost support the Biblical view of the afterlife.


3) Feeling of returning home

Those who have a positive Near Death Experience usually express the feeling of “going home”. Subjects recollect thoughts and feelings that they have been to this place before, that they are returning back to their original estate. This typically invokes feelings of deep love and inner peace with the person. Subjects described the feeling as returning home after a very long trip.


Maybe earth isn’t our first home. Have we just forgotten our place of origin?


4) The NDE feels “more real” than reality

Nearly all NDE testimonies express a feeling that that which they are experiencing is in fact more real than reality on earth. Of course this is a nebulous concept to grasp, but almost every subject records this thought. After the NDE, subjects describe real-life as feeling “dreamlike” in comparison. When they return back to “reality” they usually communicate feeling a type of mundanity or dullness.


Perhaps the best way to envision it is going from a world of color to black and white. Or possibly returning back to a 2D world from a 3D one?


5) Losing perspective of time

Another common aspect of NDE testimonies is losing perspective of time. Most NDE subjects remember a lack of awareness or comprehension of time. This usually induces a feeling of eternal “being” with which there is no end. Depending on whether the Near Death Experience is positive or negative, this can either elicit feelings of blissful peace or panick and anxiety.


6) Interaction with spiritual entities

A little less common experience of NDE testimonies is interaction with spiritual beings or entities. These experiences are more rare than the previous ones covered, but when they do occur they often have similarities.


Experience with the type of spiritual entities also is contingent on the dual nature of the experiences. Subjects who record a positive experience usually describe a peaceful encounter with what we would call “angels”. Conversely, subjects recollecting a negative experience usually recount a horrifying encounter with what we would consider “demons”.


7) Communicating telepathically

Another common occurrence in NDE testimonies is communication via telepathy, or without speaking. Subjects that encounter other entities or beings recount communication through thoughts, not words. They describe knowing what the other being is communicating without hearing their voice, and visa versa.


Perhaps sound waves are only a manifestation of the physical world. Maybe since the spiritual realm has no tongues or vocal chords, communication is done instantaneously through thoughts.


8) A sense of all-knowing knowledge

Many people also discuss an instant sense of all-knowing in their Near Death Experience. Subjects go on to explain a feeling of complete knowingness – that is, having no questions or doubt. Everything they want to know they instantaneously comprehend.


The Bible verse Luke 8:17 comes to mind when thinking about this phenomena of complete understanding after death:


For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.


9) Meeting God / Jesus figure

One other semi-frequent occurrence in NDE testimonies is meeting with God or a “Jesus” like figure. Subjects often communicate meeting with a supreme and divine being whom is all-powerful. They recollect a sense of knowing or understanding that who they are in the presence of is the creator of everything. Almost always they express feeling compelled to bow and worship the being.


Interestingly enough, there are almost no recordings of seeing a likeness of Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, or any other prominent religious figures. However, there are numerous accounts of people seeing a “Jesus-like” figure during their NDE. Subjects report seeing a divine being with the likeness of what we understand to be Jesus. They also express the same sense of knowing that he is the Jesus from the Bible.


Read a previous article on the effect of organized religion titled, “Is Religion About Controlling People? Yes – Ask A Christian”.


10) A “life review” with judgement

Additionally, many NDE testimonies include a sort of “life review”. According to testimonies, this usually includes vivid flashbacks of the person’s entire life from child to adulthood.  Many people describe being taken through negative moments in their life, where they have hurt or been hurt by someone else. They also describe a heightened sense of compassion and empathy people they have hurt, feeling exactly what they had put the other party through.


11) Seeing deceased family and relatives

Along with seeing angelic or demonic entities, many subjects claim to have interacted with long lost loved ones during their NDE. Many people claim to have talked to family and friends who have died in the past.


12) Wanting to stay and not go back

In nearly every single positive NDE, the subject has a strong desire to stay where they are and not go back. The immense sense of peace and joy are so overwhelming that going back to earth seems like a punishment.



Whether you believe in NDE testimonies or not, you can’t deny the abundance of data concerning the subject. While some may consider Near Death Experiences to be merely hallucinations from the brain, the parallels and correlations between the testimonies are intriguing. It is the author’s belief that the parallels and symmetries between these testimonies provide logical evidence that something real is going on here. The similarities suggest that NDE testimonies are not hallucinations but rather real spiritual experiences


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