Too Much Open Mindedness is Dangerous

Open Mindedness: Why Too Much is Dangerous

It seems as if the idea of “open mindedness” or being open minded is not only highly prevalent but promoted in Western culture. It is associated with being “modern”, “progressive”, “current” or “with the times”. If your beliefs are on the other side of the isle, you are regarded as outdated, unfashionable and passé.


The movement has gained so much traction that now, if you don’t adopt this level of acceptance and tolerance, you are considered estranged from mainstream society. So much so, that if one is not open minded to certain ideas or beliefs, they are marginalized by the popular cultural consensus.


But is this movement of “open mindedness” really a good thing? Or has it gone off the rails and become an uncontrollable concept with no limits or boundaries? If we were to adopt this philosophy of limitless tolerance and acceptance, where does it end? Where and when do we draw the line?


Too Much “Open Mindedness” is Dangerous

If many were to read this statement, they would instantly label the author terms like “old-fashioned”, “ignorant” or even “uneducated”. Part of this may be due to the common ideology that a lack of open mindedness equates to bigotry or even hatred. However, a lack of agreement or disapproval of something does not automatically equal hatred or malevolence.


Attack on Freedom of Thought and Beliefs

We are being led to believe that if you do not agree with a belief or practice, you are the enemy. If you disagree with mainstream concepts or beliefs you are considered an insurgent. But isn’t holding different opinions and beliefs one of the benefits of living in a free society? If we infringe on this right, we are treading on dangerous territory.


Open Mindedness without Limitations

This opposition to freedom of thoughts and beliefs is not the only danger of excessive open mindedness. Open mindedness without borders or limits is also a hazard to society. If we are completely tolerant and accepting of every belief and practice, where do we draw the line? With such a liberal outlook on things, is there even a line to cross?



Too much open mindedness is dangerous to our society. The opposition of freedom of belief and thought it produces is treading on very alarming ground. Additionally, if we do not uphold a certain moral standard, where and when do we draw the line? With no set of principles or guidelines, what will stop us from accepting ANY belief or practice? Where would that leave us as a society?


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