Why the atheist world view is illogical and irrational.

Why the Atheist World View is Illogical

It seems as though the atheist world view is continuing to grow stronger and more prevalent. But what viewpoints do athiests hold? Does atheism make sense?


Contribute this to what you’d like, but there is no doubt this ideology is growing, especially in the Western world. Much of this could be attributed to the seemingly staunch support from the scientific community. However if you read my last article, “Famous Quotes About Science and God”, you will find that historically, this just isn’t the case.


But does this perspective have as much merit as it is perceived? Could the momentum of this movement perhaps stem from disinterest and disgust (rightfully so) in organized religion? Do atheists have a leg to stand on?


The Atheist World View: Empirical Evidence Over Logic & Reason

The atheist obsession with evidence, data, and science

When talking with atheists, the problem I usually come across is their insatiable desire for empirical evidence. These conversations inevitably hit the same brick wall every time – “You have no proof that God exists”.


And to the atheist’s credit, they are absolutely right. We do not have hard scientific evidence that God exists. There are no scientific studies, numbers or any other quantifiable data to prove the existence of a creator.


But does this imply there is no creator? Could the lack of evidence be because such a divine and supreme being is not subject to our physical laws? Perhaps such a being can not be measured by our remedial tests which we value so highly in our society.


For example, when an author writes a story there is no actual proof of the author in book (unless it is an autobiography). There is a setting, with characters and events, but there is no direct reference to the author of the book. This is because the author is beyond or outside of the book. The author is not present in the story because he is the creator, not the creation. He is not subject to the rules, story lines, and events of the book.


The same principle applies to an artist and his or her painting. Can we find specific proof of the artist (unless they include their signature) within the painting? Or do we have to deduce that because there is a piece of artwork with specific rules and guidelines that it must have had a designer. Something like this could not have come into existence from nothing.


And how much more complex is our universe than these two examples!


The atheist world view makes no sense. Evidence trumps logic?

The modern atheist has an obsession with data and evidence. So much so that they are willing to overlook compelling affirmations of a creator from the creation.


Atheism completely overlooks compelling evidence of things like the fine tuning of the universe, complexity of DNA, a multitude of symbiotic relationships, etc. The atheist is so infatuated with hard evidence that they abandon a key tool which they value so highy – logic.


Rather than observing the characteristics of our universe and forming inferences based on compelling evidence, like complexity for example, the modern atheist abandons all of this and demands hard data. But what happened to logic?


There are times when a detective doesn’t have “hard” proof on a criminal, like DNA or other forensic data, but the implications of evidence inculpates the person. The detective is then forced to use logic and reasoning to determine who the guilty party is.


Atheism is built on logic and reasoning, and yet they completely throw it out the window when it comes to intelligent design! It is hard to ignore the hypocrisy of this!


Do you think atheism doesn’t make sense? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Why the Atheist World View is Illogical

  1. I have studied Physics all my life and it is impossible that the Universe happened all by itself. The structure of the particles that are all in the correct place in the correct amounts with the correct constants between them shows us a design that we cannot relate to.
    The extreme fine-tuning involved leaves the probability of it happening by chance to be nonexistent. The main point for all of the skeptics that read this is the fact that all of the particles and their constants had to all go together at the exact same time in the exact proportions with fine-tuning to 10 x 52 zero’s and others with 10 x 123 zeros,
    Someone knew what they were doing when they put it together.

    1. Well said Bill. It is great when people with expertise in the field can corroborate the fine tuning argument. I have heard something similar said about the intricate parts of human cells being put together so precisely and interdependently that it couldn’t have “evolved”. Thanks for your response!

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