Christian Writers Needed to Publish Articles!

Christian writers needed for The Logos Herald

Christian writers needed to write on topics like aplogetics, theology, current events, politics, etc!

Christian writers needed for The Logos Herald! We are constantly looking for more outlets to spread the Gospel & reach more people. That is why we need your help! We are looking for Christian writers & bloggers to guest write new content for The Logos Herald.

Typically we publish articles on  topics like apologetics, Biblical examination/lessons, devotionals, theology, eschatology, etc. However, we are also looking for Christian writers to post on topics like current events, politics, news & culture, and how they relate to the Christian worldview.

Got an idea for an insightful or inspiring article on the topic of Christianity? Or just want to reach out to us about questions or comments? We would love to hear from you!

Send us your idea for an article!

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