What Happens After Death?

What happens after death? Cemetery and graveyard

What happens after death? Is there a life after death or is it merely a dark void stifling existence? The most important question in life is rarely reflected on or discussed within society. Yet it is an absolute truth that everyone will eventually discover, but nobody can bring back. How will we feel on our death beds?

What Happens After Death?


The great equalizer.

The final frontier for all life on this planet.

The most inescapable and inevitable reality we will ever face.

The most terrifyingly mysterious and uncertain event in our lives.

Yet most live day to day in an oblivious stupor.

Never wanting to address the jarring reality of having to leave this world we know and understand,

and either stepping into a completely unknown world, or into nonexistence.

Is there even anything awaiting me on the other side?

Or will I only be greeted with darkness and void?

But when Death creeps in and begins to grab hold, the most important question we neglected our whole lives rears it’s ugly head.

The deepest, most profound question of life finally comes to the forefront.

Blissful ignorance is no longer an option.

As you take your first step through the veil, suddenly nothing and no one else matters.

If only I had been better prepared for this moment,

for now a dark, heavy cloud of doubt consumes my spirit.

Goodbye to everything that never mattered before this moment,

and hello to my impending uncertainty.


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